Public Speaking and Powerful Presentations

Date: 17 – 18 April 2023
Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT).

Key Benefits of Attending
  • FEEL confident in front of an audience
  • APPRECIATE the importance of understanding the audience
  • DEFINE the purpose of your speech or presentation – what action do you want to take place?
  • CONSTRUCT the message and the storyline
  • TURN this into an effective speech or a presentation that makes and impact
  • APPRECIATE the need for a good opening and good beginning
  • USE visual aids effectively
  • HANDLE questions and answers with ease
  • USE variation of voice to good effect
  • BE aware of how body language can affect delivery
  • STAND and POSITION yourself in front of an audience
  • HANDLE slide presentations using PowerPoint etc.
  • UNDERSTAND the importance of time keeping
  • PICTURE how they come across to others
  • HANDLE difficult members of the audience