Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers

Date: 29 – 31 May 2023
Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT).

Key Benefits of Attending
  • MASTER the principles and concepts associated with AC and DC electricity, and the distinction between these two realms of electricity
  • DETERMINE the role played by voltage and current angles in the determination of power factor
  • STUDY how addition of power factor correcting capacitors results in improvement of power factors and the mystery behind “addition of too much capacitance”
  • COMPREHEND and APPLY important electrical system concepts
  • EXAMINE and GAIN appreciation of the important AC voltage representations in phasor, polar and rectangular forms
  • GAIN an introduction to three-phase AC, Y and Delta configuration of loads and sources
  • CONCEPTUALISE how transformers work and their voltage transformation role
  • DISCUSS the role of NEC, NFPA 70 E and explore the field of electrical design, electrical safety and arc flash hazard
  • BRAINSTORM how PLCs work and how to interpret contemporary electrical control drawings
  • INTERPRET electrical one-line and comprehensive wiring diagrams
  • ANALYSE how electrical power bills are calculated under large industrial and commercial contract scenarios